OT Bands - An Improved BFR Training Band

Testimonial - Private Personal Trainer

“For strength training this method is perfect! Also helped with previous injuries, that allowed me to perform lifts I had not been able to do because of limitations.”

Master Trainer


“I think it’s the most revolutionary training method I’ve ever seen,” Bode Miller tells Military Times. “I think its going to be the most widely beneficial [training method] – good for people from 12 years old to 80 and from elite athletes and law enforcement and military to stay-at-home moms and dads. There’s an application for every human on the planet with this”

Bode Miller in Military Times


“I work out a lot. I normally bench press 350 pounds. After 10 days of doing Kaatsu for only about 10 minutes a day, I added 10 pounds to my max bench press—without even using a spotter. All the hours I’ve spent in the gym and, wow, these kind of results after only 10 minutes. It’s pretty cool.” Former Army physician, Dr. Brian Law in Military Times

“ The HUGE thing I noticed is I generally experience extreme delayed onsite muscle soreness (DOMS) when changing over to different kinds of programming or using exercises I have not used in a while. OT Bands GREATLY diminished the DOMS I would have experienced in the past. For example, when I deadlift for the first time in a while, my hamstrings will be on fire for days from simply lifting 95 lbs. On my first deadlift day in over 6 months, I pulled 175 for 6 sets of 6 and never had any soreness in my hamstrings or glutes. I was generally sore, but not the "I can't walk up the stairs" kind of sore that I was expecting. Pretty remarkable honestly.”

Master Trainer