About Us

There are two ways to be successful... follow the crowd while attempting to come out on top or boldly pursue something totally different.

At Burn707, we choose to be different. Our vision is to burn a new path in fitness with the introduction of a unique type of cross-sport training equipment, OT Bands™. These patented neoprene rubber bands compound the benefits of Optimization Training™ to maximize each and every exercise opportunity for users of all ages and fitness levels.

Why the name Burn707? In addition to the burn OT Band users will experience, like the mark of a branding iron, Burn707 aims to burn a permanent mark on the fitness world. Our goal is that every user comes away with a new mindset about their personal fitness potential.

The number 707 is a Biblical reference that reminds us to keep our faith-based compass at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Values

Tom Burke, the man behind the Burn707 brand, has a distinct set of values that drives how he approaches his work, his fitness, and his customers.


A guiding principal behind everything Tom does is honoring God. Faith is a strong force in his life and motivates him to work hard, serve his customers and employees, and care for the world around him.


This value is all about respect, appreciation, and love for people in Tom’s life, people like his parents, John and Anne Burke, who instilled in him his sense of God and country, his love for neighbors, his pride in a strong work ethic, and his pursuit of excellence.

Next to his parents are the friends that have stood by Tom and encouraged him. One in particular was his good friend Pat Barry. Though he has passed on, his commitment to exercise and fitness inspired the vision behind Burn707.


Burn707 was born and bred in the United States, and we proudly manufacture all of our products on our shores. Unlike other brands that outsource manufacturing and send jobs overseas, Burn707 seeks to create jobs and empower fellow Americans.

We are also the proud manufacturers of eco-friendly products as we seek to steward the earth’s resources.



Burn 707 proudly supports the Holistic Health and Well-being of soldiers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals interested in adding a workout to the daily schedule without going to the gym.

OT Bands...
Increase military mission readiness
Strengthen athletic competition
Reduce employer healthcare costs
Provide options in all fitness programming
Add a dynamic change in daily activity